Digging in Koforidua

This day we decided to go to Aburi Gardens , a place in Ghana where they have a botanical garden , big trees , alot of ants en big spiders , beautifull birds and a big variety of trees and plants and butterflies , ...
After spending 1 hour in the park , we decided to go and look for records .
So on the road from Aburi to Koforidua we stopped in several places , villages and asked around for records , people sended us up and down , for example : one guy came and told us he has above one thousand records , but they are in his wifes room , so we should go to the next town to go and collect his wife with the key , while arriving we came to know that his wife was allready back in the previous village and that we should go back there. When arriving we saw he wife and they told us about 1000+ records , we waited for them to go to their house , as we couldnt join them , they spend more than 1 hour and finally came back with 2 45's completely scratched :/ lol , for now we can laugh with it , but that moment we were thinking that they must be joking !!! One other guy shows up and tells us that he also got alot of records , he came with scratched and ductaped records without a sleeve , full of sand and glue , also after 30 min +- , than we decided to leave that place , that it wasn't going to give us records so we left..on the road to Koforidua where we got a telephone nr . of a guy , the brother of a woman we met in Tamale that saw us buying records from a guy who has a photoprinting shop , she told us she has more than 500lp's but in Koforidua , so we were going there now , i called the guy and he picked his phone :) , he said he is coming , usually when Ghanaians say they are coming , means they are going , but this guy , was there in 10 minutes , he is a taxidriver , worst drivers in the world :/ , he took us to their home and soon brought out all 500+ lp's , all of them were like music like kool and the gang , madonna , etc etc , german unsuccesful artist and bullshit infact , we did find some reggae originals from Jamaica and the UK , also 1 Fela kuti record ODOO , wich was nice to listen to at night when we slept in our rarely payed for room @ a small hotel :)
The next day we continued our digging trip and met an old man who told me he has ''alot of them , here a picture of me waiting .. well , for nothing again :/ :)
 He took his flashlight as you can see and searched all over his place... He did offer us a drink .. and he is a nice man , really knowing he has some records , but just couldnt find them :/ no problem :)
From there we went to town again , asking round and we met another 2 older men who we took in our car to go to their village just 5 km from Koforidua , we found : The jewels , Ck Mann - funky highlife and some few other juju records and some other highlife , also they had a Pat thomas and Marijata copy without sleeve and to badly scratched so we didnt take that one along :( :) .
30 minutes later our gas was finished and we were looking for a gasfilling station , on the road we asked people where to find it and i couldnt leave it of also asking if they know where to find records , Apaawa in Twi , they guy we asked said YES i know somebody , so first he showed us the filling station and on the road there was police with a speedgun , i overspeeded and they said i should explain the 8th march in court , we talked with the officers and in the end he ripped the paper appart and didnt charge us anything :) lucky we ! After filling the gastank , the guy took us to his master , who couldnt find his so he let us wait here...
for somebody else to come with ALOT of 45's :/ :) , that somebody showed up with a small record holder of 45's...
We did enjoyed the Mango's falling from the trees by the wind , nature provides when in need ? :)
So after this the boy sitting next to me had a phonecall , from that master who sended us here , he said he had found his records ! So we went to his house and found a wooden box full of dust hidden under the stairs behind alot of rubbish , .. i did find 2 ck mann records , and a scratched vis a vis , and the black frimpong, and some highlife...
that was is for those 2 days of Koforidua and we went back to Tema where we stayed in a house of a family i know for 12 years :) More stories shall come... Thanks for reading or following :) Kali and Sanae :)

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